Join us for 27th Annual Mid-C Seminar in Wenatchee, WA

The power and utilities industry is at the nexus of innovation, policy evolution, and market dynamics. Navigating the evolving electricity landscape demands addressing its complexities. Recent achievements and challenges position the industry for ongoing transformation, requiring a significant overhaul for sustainable progress. Integrating intermittent resources mandates innovative market designs and grid enhancements for reliability.

Legislative and regulatory advancements, particularly in emissions reduction and clean energy adoption, drive change, presenting challenges and opportunities. In this evolving energy landscape, maintaining a stable grid is crucial. Adapting to a diverse generation portfolio requires advanced grid management for uninterrupted delivery.

Join industry experts and peers for discussions, presentations, and networking as we explore the next steps in transformative power markets. Register today to be part of this insightful event.

Pre-conference events

Find more information about Golf, Wine Tasting pre-conference events, and Mid-C Reception at Ohme Garden which will be held on July 30-31!