This is the 24th year of the Mid-C Seminar. Originally started as an educational class or seminar on trading at the Mid-Columbia hub, it has expanded over the years to cover trading, operational and reliability issues throughout the WECC region, as well as new technology updates. 

Attendees are a mix of traders, marketers, and utility planners from both public and private power and trading firms. It has continued to provide an opportunity to network as well as get an update on important regional issues. While most attendees are from the western region, traders from Houston and other regions, and bankers from New York have also registered over the years.

Register today to attend our first Virtual Mid-C Seminar on July 12 – 13 to engage and learn about the progress and challenges in the Western Energy Markets.

Doug Frazier
HorsePower Consulting,
Mid C Founder

Bill Dearing
CEO Dearing Consulting,
Mid C Founder

Aiman El-Ramly
Chief Business Officer,
ZE PowerGroup Inc.