Navigating the Change- What Next?

Join us for 26th Mid-C seminar, which will be held from July 18-19, 2023. 

Register for this conference and listen to industry experts, pre-seminar golf/wine tasting and networking reception dinner.

Full Rate: $695 USD

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Toll-free: 1-541- 419-6600

Special Keynote Session

An overview of state and federal regulation and legislation that could speed or slow clean energy development

Randall Rischard,

Our organizers

Doug Frazier HorsePower Consulting,
Mid-C Founder

Bill Dearing CEO Dearing Consulting,
Mid-C Founder

Aiman El-Ramly
Chief Business Officer, Co-organizer,
ZE PowerGroup Inc.

Our Speakers and Moderators

Kris Raper, Vice President, Strategic Engagement and External Affairs,
Western Electricity Coordinating Council

Scott Miller, Executive Director,
Western Power Trading Forum

John Ollis, Manager of Power Planning and Analysis,
Northwest Power and Conservation Council

Gary Ivory
General Manager,
Douglas County PUD

David Brown
Senior Principal and Co-Founder,
Obsidian Renewables

Mary Wiencke
Executive Director,

Erik Steimle
Vice President,
Rye Development

Jason Herbert
Senior Director for External Strategy & New Nuclear Development, Energy Northwest

Ted Beatty Executive Director, Renewable Origination, NextEra Energy Resources

Shannon Souza
Senior Consultant,
Obsidian Renewables

Valerie Barros
VP, Origination, BrightNight Power

Antoine Lucas
Vice President, Southwest Power Pool

Milos Bosanac, Regional Markets Sector Manager, Market Infrastructure Policy, CAISO

Mark Holman
Managing Director- Power, Powerex

Dan Williams
Principal Advisor, Western Markets,
The Energy Authority

Rebecca Sexton
Director of Reliability Programs, Western Power Pool