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IIR Energy

IIR Energy is a dedicated market research organization that delivers critical global supply-side intelligence for the energy markets, allowing traders, analysts, developers and other market participants to make the most informed decisions based on accurate fundamental knowledge. Oil, Natural Gas, Petrochemicals and Power Generation marketers depend on IIR Energy every day, to insure they are in the know on the supply-side picture. Maximize your portfolio and assets by having past, current and future operation capacity output intelligence in an easy-to-use, continually updated data stream.

IIR Energy’s bottom-up approach, with “boots-on-the-ground” knowledge, delivers essential market information that affects the supply and demand of global energy assets. Our online database warehouses 30 years of history and 10 years forward of unit-level research across the globe, so you have no gaps in your forecasts. We help energy professionals predict the most accurate prices by gaining the knowledge on outages, turnarounds, new capacity add-ons and more.


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